Name Changing

Hi people!

So, this blog has been going with the name [B.O.O.K.L.I.F.E] for quite a while, or a year or so to be exact. But to be honest, this name is kinda getting harder and harder to be typed, and not to mention that it's just soo goddamn generic. Except for the typing format, with dots and bracket, which really doesn't help when you search with Google.

And so, because of many reasons like I stated above and lots more that I've been thinking for a long time, I finally decided to do this name changing *drumrolls*. I'm actually pretty nervous doing this name change, because, you know, your blog name is your brand, and well, just imagine if Louis Vuitton maybe, change its name to something totally unheard of. Would it still be known? Would people still could be able to identify it?

But then again, because the name is your brand, I totally didn't have the heart to brand my baby blog with something totally generic like BOOKLIFE (Because I couldn't even find it at the sixth page of Google, le gasp).

And so, my brand new name would be :

What do you think about it? Weird? Hard to say? Pretty? Feel free to tell me what you think about it!

And oh, since my blog name is changing, of course the social media, email, and everything else will follow. Here's the link to help you make your life easier if you feeling stalkerish :D

Twitter : @Papier_revue
Facebook : Papier Revue
Email :

P.S : Thankies to Kezia, Shannelle, and Chloe for your opinion about the name! :)

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  1. I REALLY like the new name! It's so feminine and pretty sounding, plus incredibly unique!! Your new banner is gorgeous as well, Neysa!! :)

    xo, Becca